Crashing down to earth…

The team needs our support...

The team needs our support…

I really like Arsenal but do you really like Arsenal? Or just with trophies? Dennis Bergkamp

As you can imagine, the mood around the Emirates Stadium before the important Champions League match against Borussia Dortmund was one of trepidation and fear. What with the home defeat to Manchester United a few days earlier and the Anderlecht debacle (we let a three goal slip if you didn’t know) in our last European game, people had a right to be less confident. I must admit that I was sure that we would not win and our defence was so leaky that the only way we would get a decent result out of the game would be with a high scoring draw.

However, I have a little something that more than half of our fan base lack. It’s called perspective. I knew that we only needed a point to secure qualification but regardless of whether we got that against Dortmund, Arsenal were only in danger of being eliminated if we lost both our remaining games and Anderlecht won their two matches (unlikely that the Belgian side will win out in Dortmund). I also realised our league position could be a whole lot worse, even after two consecutive defeats. I mean we could be fighting relegation or stuck in the bottom half of the table like Everton.

The Dortmund match was a pleasant surprise as contrary to my pre-match predictions; we cruised to a 2-0 victory with composed finishes from Yaya Sanogo (who broke his duck) and of course Alexis Sanchez. On top of that was a clean sheet, which is always welcome, especially after shipping seven goals in the previous three games. This new found defensive solidarity was not a one off and two 1-0 wins in the Premier League against West Brom and Southampton soon followed. We were now on a run and everything was looking rosy. That was until Stoke sent us home with our tails between our legs on Saturday.

19 seconds. That’s how long it took for Peter Crouch to open the scoring at the Britannia Stadium. A bad start no doubt but with 89 minutes remaining, retrievable to say the least. The players obviously didn’t agree and seemed to give up. They were very fortunate to only be going in 3-0 down at the break. I don’t know what was said in the dressing room but the team were a lot better after the interval. If Alexis had not hit the post (you would normally put your house on him scoring once he has rounded the keeper) and Callum Chambers had not seen red, I’m convinced the match would not have ended 3-2.

Sadly, all them things did happen and we ended up losing. I am still gutted and annoyed at the team for giving Stoke a 3-0 head start before turning up but I still love Arsenal. I am supporter (clues in the name) through thick and thin. It can be frustrating at times but I think Dennis got it right with the above quote. I’m sick and tired of the fair weather fans who only sing when we’re winning and boo or make banners or leave early when things aren’t going well. Please don’t come to matches because you’re not supporters, just glory hunters.

By Glen Shorey


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