This is football…

It wasn't our day...

It wasn’t our day…

Believe it or not, I’m not upset following our 2-1 home defeat to Manchester United because Arsenal were the better side. Immensely frustrated yes but I haven’t gone into the depressed state I normally find myself in. It was just simply one of those matches that illustrate in football, anything can happen. One team can completely dominate proceedings but still manage to lose (just like when we stole the three points out in Belgium last month). It doesn’t make sense one bit but that’s why the beautiful game is special. Burnley won at the Britannia Stadium on Saturday eventhough Stoke have already beaten Manchester City and Spurs away this season. Please explain that to me.

The football fan however can never just accept that some inexplicable results will occur from time to time so always need a scapegoat to blame. That’s fine. Who am I to question human psychology? All I’m saying is (I know I’m repeating myself and it’s getting quite boring but so is the constant ‘Wenger Out’ rhetoric) one man cannot be blamed every week. While I wholeheartedly disagree with the crux of the argument, I can see why some people might have been disillusioned in the immediate aftermath of the Swansea debacle due to the woeful performance.

It was a different story on Saturday though. Anyone who is pinning the blame for that strange defeat on Wenger only has a one-track mind and will not be satisfied until the Frenchman leaves. Even then, I don’t think the happiness will last because when everything goes belly up, all the blame will yet again be placed upon the manager. Not many are pointing the fingers at the board. It is claimed that we will never win a league title under Wenger again. I’d change that a bit. Arsenal Football Club will never win a league title with Ivan Gazidis as CEO and Stan Kroenke as owner. FACT.

If you do have to blame someone for the defeat to probably the poorest Manchester United side I’ve ever seen live, why don’t you criticise everyone’s favourite homegrown talent (except mine) Jack Wilshere. The 22 year-old had an easy one on one in the 14th minute and somehow missed it. He either should’ve slotted it home or put it on a plate for Alexis. Talk about pivotal. We were all over them and probably would’ve gone on to win by three or four. Instead, it was a comfortable save for David De Gea and the floodgates did not open. Wait. I forgot. We can never criticise the Englishman but if Olivier Giroud misses a sitter, we can lambast him for weeks. Makes sense.

By Glen Shorey


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