The man is a legend...

The man is a legend…

Today was my first match at White Hart Lane and one I will definitely remember forever. Not only did the Arsenal win and fire themselves back in the title race, the goal scorer Tomas Rosicky gave me his shirt at full time. I couldn’t believe he came over, especially as it appeared he was going to throw his shirt into the stand like the other players.

However he spotted me celebrating like mad and without pointing or saying anything he came over to where I was positioned in my wheelchair. By this time he had removed his shirt and gave it straight to me before giving me a massive hug. He must have realised that the horrible Tottenham fans might have nicked it off me, so he stuffed it down my shirt where it remained until I got home.

I have decided to write this message (which is turning into quite the mini essay) as I have received so many messages/tweets/comments that it would take me an age to reply to all of them. The main point I wanted to convey was that I am over the moon and will be for a long time. Also I’m overwhelmed at the response, as I have become a bit of an Internet sensation.

I doubt Rosicky will ever read this but I am eternally grateful as he capped off a truly brilliant weekend. Now for Arsenal to win the nine games remaining and secure the Premier League crown. An FA Cup victory at Wembley would be nice too. Double, double…

Wheelchair Boy




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